Part of Samaria and distances to coast
Part of Samaria and distances to coastIsrael news photo

Gershon Mesika, head of the Shomron (Samaria) Regional Authority, reacted angrily to the fatal traffic accident in the Shomron last night that snuffed out three young lives and the life of the Arab driver who caused the tragedy. 

Mesika blasted the government for what he termed  its "nonexistent law enforcement"  vis-a-vis Arab drivers on the Shomron roads:

"This horrendous accident in the northern Shomron is a direct result of the complete lack of law enforcement towards Arab drivers, who drive without license plates, ignore speed limits and are oblivious to traffic laws, often in stolen cars and in cars that do not undergo mandatory maintenance testing.

"The Defense Ministry lets Arabs build everywhere without permits. Between Shaked and Mevo Dotan there is constant wildcat construction, and even a school was built illegally facing the main road on land that was supposed to be used to make the road safer. Despite all our entreaties, the Defense Minister and Civil Administration are allowing the school building to be completed.

"In addition, the barriers and checkpoints have been removed, causing not only a security danger but also the presence of masses of reckless, scofflaw Arab drivers on the main roads.

"The result is a state of security chaos on the roads in Judea and Samaria. I turn to the law enforcement agencies and support them in the need for reappraisal of  the traffic situation. They must change the unbearable  status quo and prevent further tragedies like the terrible one we are facing today."  

As reported earlier, a Palestinian tractor whose driver did not turn on his lights caused the deaths of four people, three of them children,  in a fatal crash on Wednesday night. The tragic accident occurred when the tractor and a gas truck hit each other between the Israeli communities of Shaked and Reichan in northern Shomron (Samaria).

The victims are nine-year-old Idan Kifer, Danny Amram,14 and Niv Nasav, 10, all residents of the Jewish community of Mevo Dotan. The Arab tractor driver, Nata Ahmad Amarne, a 35-year-old resident of the Arab village of Zabda, was killed as well. The truck driver, father of one of the children, was evacuated by helicopter to Rambam Hospital in Haifa in moderate condition, suffering from fractures in his extremities, but conscious.

Initial investigations by the Shai District police staff reported that the father of one of the children had given them a ride in his truck in order to bring them home to Mevo Dotan. The truck overturned from the impact of  the tractor, which could not be seen as it was without lights.

Zaka's northern chief officer, Chezky Farkas, told Arutz Sheva: "This is a horrible crash. The children were severely hurt and trapped in the truck."  The road was closed to traffic for hours and large forces of police and firefighters could be seen at the site.

Yael Ben-Yaakov, acting manager of Mevo Dotan, said that the community was plunged into mourning: "We are a small community and everyone is like one family. This is such a heavy blow."

An emergency meeting of the Shomron Regional Council was called for this morning at the offices of the head of the authority, Gershon Mesika, after a night during which its professional welfare services were extended to the bereaved families and their community.

The funeral times for the three children are as follows:

Daniel Amram and NIv Nasav will be buried at 14:30 in the Shikun Vatikim Cemetery in Netanya. The two friends will have a joint funeral and be buried next to one another. 

Idan Kifer will be buried at 16:00 in the Pardes Chana cemetery.