The folks who produced “We Con the World,” a satire on the terrorist flotilla clash, now have come up with “a story ‘bout a country that still doesn’t get what’s going on.”

The latest YouTube posting from Latma, an Israeli group that produces political satire and which was created to mock what the members view as Israel's leftist media, features a song describing Israeli leaders’ wishful thinking, with a backdrop of terrorist attacks and “peace process” handshakes.

The lyrics begin, “This is a story ‘bout a country that still doesn’t get what’s going on, just give her a 'come hither' look” and shows  Yasser Arafat and former Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin shaking hands at the White House.

Singer and musician Noam Jacobson, dressed as an elderly man in downtown Jerusalem, sings, “They told her to be more sensible, that she should grow up, but she never gets the message,” while the background shows Kassam rockets ready to be launched.

The song continues, “Already back in 1948, she sang songs of peace and even after 1967 dreamed that all wars would cease, even when reality was blowing up all over the place.” In the background are pictures of Palestinian Authority suicide bus bombings.

“They told her that she ought to be more businesslike and that she ought to grow up,” the song continues, “but she never gets the message and is just too dumb to see the light. Every year she gets in a bigger mess with new concessions and commitments. She just can’t fathom why it doesn’t work.”