Gaza terrorists firing mortar attack
Gaza terrorists firing mortar attack Israel news photo: Flash 90

An IDF force fired on terrorists who attempted to infiltrate into Israel from Gaza Sunday afternoon. Two Arabs were reportedly killed in the firefight between the IDF and the terrorists. According to initial reports, the two were terrorists, and a third member of the squad may have escaped. A report from another source said the IDF artillery fired at a target near Beit Hanoun, killing two and wounding three. 

IDF sources said the terrorists were about to launch an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) at the IDF.

Arab sources claimed that the two people killed were civilian bystanders: an aged shepherd and his grandson.

The incident occurred near Kibbutz Erez.

Terrorists tried to distract IDF forces on the border with Gaza by firing three mortars at Israel during the attempted infiltration.

Residents of the Shaar HaNegev local authority came under attack Sunday morning. Two missiles, possibly Kassam rockets, struck the area, but hurt no one and caused no damage. The explosions were heard in Be'er Sheva, as well, where an alarm sent residents scurrying for cover.

Four Kassam rockets were fired at the Negev during the holiday weekend: one on Wednesday, two on Thursday, and another Friday. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.

Local residents said the security situation in the region is deteriorating rapidly and is beginning to resemble the situation before Operation Cast Lead. They also accused the government and media of trying to downplay the severity of the situation so as not to jeopardize the diplomatic process with the Palestinian Authority. Two days from now, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are scheduled to meet in Sinai for a round of negotiations.

Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin said Sunday that Hamas would escalate terror attacks in order to trip up the talks between Israel and the PA.