David Citadel Hotel
David Citadel HotelIsrael news photo by David Citadel Hotel

The Palestinian Authority charged that holding international meetings anywhere in Jerusalem is a “provocation” because most of the world does not recognize it as Israel’s capital.

The PA’s office in Ramallah made the comment to the Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA), which had asked it to clarify its objection to Jerusalem as a venue for last week’s World Jewish Congress convention.

The PA did not stipulate if it also would refuse to meet Israeli and American officials if and when the direct talks between the PA and Israel move to the capital. The next session is scheduled for Sharm-el Sheikh, Egypt next week.

The official Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) WAFA news agency reported Sunday its “deep concern because Israel opened the door to the World Jewish Congress to hold its 14th meeting in occupied Jerusalem [with] the participation of more than 200 representatives of Jewish groups in the world.”

The actual location of the convention was the David Citadel Hotel, which is within the limits of Jerusalem that were recognized by the United Nations after the 1949 armistice that officially ended the War of Independence.

However, WAFA said that holding the convention there was “a blatant defiance of the resolutions of international legitimacy, which considers all Israeli actions in Jerusalem 'invalid and illegal', which emphasizes that Jerusalem is part and parcel of the occupied territory."

It said that the World Jewish Congress convention at the hotel was “a provocation to the feelings of Arab and Islamic nation, and that such a move would confirm that Israel continues to take all necessary measures for control of Jerusalem 'capital' eternal, and an affirmation of the Israeli refusal to reach a just peace that guarantees the Palestinian rights in Jerusalem as the capital of an independent Palestinian state.”