Marchers gather at the scene of the attack
Marchers gather at the scene of the attack Chagai Geles

Hundreds of Jewish residents of the Hevron region marched Friday to the scene of the fatal terrorist attack in which four residents of Beit Chaggai were shot and murdered. A rally was held at the scene, at which rabbis from the region addressed the crowd.

“Following the terrible desecration of G-d's name caused by the attack on Jews as they travelled through our land, we will all go out and march to strengthen our faith and our presence in the land,” organizers of the march said as they set out.

Dozens of young participants took the opportunity to dismantle pipes that were attached to Israeli water lines by Palestinian Authority Arabs in an attempt to siphon water destined for Jewish towns. PA Arab towns in the region have their own water supply, but water thieves actively target Jews in the region nonetheless.

On Thursday, hundreds of residents of Beit Chaggai and the greater Hevron region took part in building a new residential home in Beit Chaggai, in memory of those slain by terrorists two days earlier. The construction was carried out despite a government-ordered Judea and Samaria building freeze.

Har Hevron regional council head Tzviki Bar-Chai spoke at the construction site, saying, “We are here to tell those who seek to destroy us that in place of bloodshed, we will increase life. That is the Zionist response to terrorism, to the wickedness of those who get up each morning and plot to murder us.”

“This is how Tel Chai, Kiryat Shemonah, Mishmar Hashiva and Yad Hashlosha were built,” he added, naming Israeli towns dedicated to the memory of victims of Arab terrorism.

Jews in Los Angeles rallied in memory of the shooting victims as well. A Thursday rally was organized by the Jewish Defense Force, a pro-Israel group that has previously rallied in support of Israeli counter-terror operations, and took front of the Los Angeles Israeli Consulate from 3 until 8pm. Teenagers gathered and held signs and posters with pictures of the four victims and lit four memorial candles.

As cars passed by the memorial they showed their support by honking and cheering,  many people came to pay their respects and supported the effort.  One of the teens present, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote INN:

" A message that was being delivered at the memorial was the fact that if the Arabs in Judea and Shomron really want peace they why the killing? If this was carried out by extremists trying to disrupt the peace talks, then how will Abbas and the theoretical new Arab state treat the Jews within its borders?  Will the Jews within this new state be granted citizenship or will they be slaughtered? This murder near Hevron affects the peace talks more that some initially thought, it raises questions that are crucial if the Jewish people are being asked to give up a chunk of the most important regions of our homeland and trust the leaders of a future Arab state. One question that i am curious about is are the plans that the Jews currently there be forced to leave if a new state is established and if yes then how come? Why will Jews have to leave in the first place?  For what reason, could it be that this new state might have a problem with Jews living within its borders and in turn do so because it is anti-Jewish? I think this is a great question that arises from this tragedy. How will Jewish citizens in the so called state of "Palestine" be treated if even treated at all." 

On Tuesday, PA terrorists opened fire on Jews from Beit Chaggai as they drove on a nearby road. After forcing the car to a stop, the terrorists approached the vehicle and shot their victims at close range, murdering four and wounding two more. The victims were Yitzchak and Talia Imes, Kokhava Even-Chaim, and Avishai Schindler.