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Ministry of Education official Dr. Gabi Avitan has expressed concern over the lack of Zionist literature in Israel. Speaking to the Hebrew-language daily Maariv, Avitan said that many of Israel's top authors openly oppose the state.

“Authors should be part of the nation's spiritual backbone,” he said. “They should be those laying out a vision for the country. Astonishingly, the leading group of authors [in Israel] express alienation to the point of automatic identification with Israel's enemies in their writing.”

“I'm talking about A.B. Yehoshua, Amos Oz, David Grossman, and others,” he specified, who are three of Israel's most famous modern writers, but are known for identification with leftist views on the state.

Amoz Oz “took a stance in favor of the Turkish flotilla in a Haaretz column one day after the IDF operation,” Avitan said. “He couldn't wait a single day? Figure out what had happened? It was all part of a propaganda campaign against the existence of the Jewish people.”

“We're lacking literature that identifies with Zionism and is based in love of the homeland and of the country,” he concluded.

Avitan also discussed the recent publicity surrounding the children of foreign workers who stayed in Israel illegally and are to be deported. “We aren't expelling children, we are separating from families who are going home after their work permits expired,” he said. “These are not war refugees,” he added.

He also discussed the requirements for the Bagrut (Matriculation) certificate, suggesting that the current math requirements may be too stringent. “Many students could get by in life with less math than the three units required today and could go on to succeed in fields that don't require that level of mathematics. A program could be built to allow students to get by from day to day.... That would also allow a lot more students to earn a bagrut certificate [academic high school diploma,, ed.],” Avitan proposed.

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