Gilo Wall Removed
Gilo Wall Removed Hezki Ezra

The IDF has begun removing the wall which was put up in 2001 in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo when it came under intense near-daily rifle attacks from the adjacent Arab neighborhood of Beit Jalla. Israel National News TV was on the scene Sunday and spoke with the IDF representative and local residents.

"We were approached by the Jerusalem municipality, which requested that we remove this wall," explained IDF Home Front Command's Brig.-Gen. Chezi Revivo. "After a professional assessment of the current situation at the IDF Home Front Command, the Home Front commander issued the dismantling order."

One of the local residents told Israel National News TV that he is very scared now that the wall is being removed: "It must not be moved now! Do you think that they're not waiting for this? Tomorrow morning there will be firing towards here, and when that happens and someone dies, we'll talk again." 

However, the head of the local administration of the neighborhood chose to express complete support in the act: "When the security authorities decided that it was necessary [to put it up], we were behind them," he said, "and when they now decide that it can be removed, we continue to back them up and believe in them."

And what will be if, G-d forbid, the attacks are renewed? The IDF will not be putting these cement pieces too far away, in case of need. "We're trying to keep everything in order, according to how it was placed here," explained Brig.-Gen. Revivo, "but we of course hope that we won't need to put this puzzle back together."

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