Yishai Fleisher
Yishai Fleisher Israel news photo

Fans of the popular "Yishai and Friends" show on Arutz Sheva's Israel National Radio are gearing up for an exciting chance to listen live to the message of Israel – this time, face to face with show host Yishai Fleisher in communities around the United States.

"I am really excited to meet all the great folks who extend their hands in friendship to Israel," Fleisher told Israel National News. "The image of Israel has been tarnished by those who use lies and skew facts to undermine her legitimacy as a first step towards her destruction.  Israel is a proud, strong and amazing nation, yet she faces a daily struggle to survive.  All those who love Israel need information, inspiration, and direction to continue the fight for the living miracle that is Israel."

Begining with in the second half of July, Fleisher will address audiences in Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Tennessee.  In August, Fleisher will continue the tour in Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, and New Jersey. Yishai's "Eye on Zion" tour schedule can be found by clicking here.

Fleisher's twice-weekly show has developed a strong following amongst lovers of Israel of all stripes. Jews, Noahides, and Christians throughout the world have admitted to being loyal listeners.  Fleisher said he is also in contact with some pro-Israel Muslims who tune in at great personal risk from Bangladesh, Egypt, and Lebanon.

"My goal with the speaking tour is to share my life story, my love for the land of Israel, and my knowledge of Israel's inner workings, with people of all backgrounds who wish to discuss their visions, questions, and concerns about Israel," Fleisher said.  "Part of building a strong future for the Jewish State is to develop deep relationships between Israel's worldwide supporters and those of us living in the land of Israel."

Fleisher is a graduate of Cardozo Law School, serves as the Director of Israel National Radio, and has been a featured guest on CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC, NPR, and Xinhua, among other news outlets.  He is also the founder of Kumah, the Neo-Zionist Movement, and is currently lobbying a bill in Knesset called “Aliyah Day.”