Cabinet in Home Front meeting
Cabinet in Home Front meeting Israel news photo: IDF spokesman

If Israel is to respond effectively on the national level to emergency scenarios, it must pass a law to coordinate among agencies, says senior National Emergency Authority official Avi David.

“A 'Home Front Law' is an absolute necessity,” David declared. He spoke Sunday at a conference on Home Front preparedness organized by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

"We must have a law that will determine the role of the government of Israel and the role of the Defense Minister, and a body that will assemble all relevant activities for the government,” he said.

David was one of several defense experts to address the conference. Others who spoke Sunday voiced similar concerns regarding Home Front readiness

The National Emergency Authority should update the government regarding activities on the ground so that decision-makers have accurate information, he stated. “We need a civilian body that sees what all the different authorities are doing,” David explained.

The current situation, in which it is unclear which office is responsible for what in case of a Home Front emergency, must not be allowed to continue, he added.

He also called to educate the general public regarding the correct response in various emergency scenarios, in order to lighten the burden borne by emergency response agencies.

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