Abu-Tir in Tzur Baher, Jerusalem
Abu-Tir in Tzur Baher, Jerusalem Israel news photo: Flash 90

Senior Hamas terrorist and elected Palestinian Authority lawmaker Mohammed Abu-Tir must leave Jerusalem by Friday. Abu-Tir was ordered out by Israeli police on Wednesday night, Arab media reported.

According to the reports, police informed Abu-Tir that the Supreme Court upheld an order to expell him from the city.

His fellow PA legislators from Hamas, Khalid Abu-Arafa, Mohammed Totah, and Ahmed Adun may face expulsion as well. Abu-Tir, Arafa, Totah and Adun all lost their Israeli residency status in 2006, after ignoring a 30-day ultimatum to choose between Jerusalem residency and membership in a terrorist organization.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas expressed anger at the decision to expel Abu-Tir, which he argued “sets a dangerous precedent.” The PA does not accept the expulsion order and “such steps will not meet with silence,” he said.

Abu-Tir returned to Jerusalem recently after spending four years in prison for membership in Hamas. He was arrested along with several other Hamas legislators following the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Prior to his 2006 arrest, Abu-Tir had spent seven years in prison for involvement in terrorism.

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