Lt. Karov
Lt. KarovIsrael news photo: Flash 90

A daughter has been born to Lieutenant Aharon Karov and his wife Tziviah. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu called to say Mazel Tov.

Karov, commander of a combat company in the Paratrooper Brigade, became famous when he was critically wounded in the first days of Operation Cast Lead. His story was unique in that he had been called up for service in Cast Lead on the day after his wedding.

Less than three days after he was called up, he was critically wounded in a booby-trapped house in Gaza, and was flown to Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tivkah, where he underwent six operations on his head and chest in the course of 12 hours – as well as an orthopedic operation. 

He made a dramatic recovery, regaining consciousness within days despite very severe injuries and leaving the Intensive Care Unit shortly thereafter.