Government session (file)
Government session (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the 'Septet' of leading ministers Thursday evening that the Gaza-bound Irish ship "Rachel Corrie," and all other vessels, will not break Israel's blockade of Gaza, "not now and not in the future."

He said that the Rachel Corrie boat, now in Libyan waters about 400 miles from Israel and headed for Gaza, will be re-directed to the Ashdod port, where any humanitarian aid on board will be transferred overland to Gaza.

Several news outlets said that Netanyahu would suggest “creative ideas” for inspecting ships claiming to carry aid for Gaza. These ideas would reportedly involve the participation of United Nations crews in the inspection process. Inspections would take place in Ashdod harbor.

Earlier this week, IDF commandos' takeover of a Gaza-bound ship ended in a bloodbath, because the soldiers had been equipped and mentally prepared to deal with 'peace activists' and were surprised to find a group of armed thugs in their stead.

IDF sources said the ships in the convoy intercepted Monday were carrying spotted camouflage material, of the kind used to make military uniforms and to mask military positions. 

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