Jewish victim of Arab rocks
Jewish victim of Arab

A group of Palestinian Authority Arab teens got more than they planned for Thursday when they lobbed rocks at an Israeli driver near the town of Carmei Tzur, in southern Gush Etzion. The driver responded with gunfire, wounding two attackers who required hospitalization.

Two Israeli citizens were wounded by the PA gang. The two were treated by medics at the scene, and did not require hospital care.

The two PA Arabs who were injured were identified by Arab sources as residents of the village of Aroub outside Hevron. Both are sixteen. They were taken to PA hospitals, and their medical situation was not immediately clear.

The incident was the second in the past several days in which an Israeli citizen fired back after being attacked with rocks by PA rioters. In late May, a man opened fire on a group of PA Arabs in Samaria after they hurled rocks at his car, wounding his wife.

On Wednesday, Jewish motorists reported attacks in two locations. A driver was pelted with rocks on Highway 443 and his car was damaged. Near Kfar Sava, PA Arabs threw three Molotov cocktails at an Israeli driver, but failed to cause injury.

Rocks and Molotov cocktails thrown by PA gangs have caused injury and death in recent years.