A fierce attack by a large dog on a Jewish property in Jerusalem, as seen in the following video, is just an exercise, but the fact that it is being held there is part of a long-time struggle for a Jewish presence on a Jewish-owned property.

The Jewish Canine Legion in Israel has been active in helping Yitzchak Herskovitz access his property in Jerusalem after years of delays. Now that he finally has secured his legal rights to return to his property and Arab squatters have left, representatives of the organization remain on the land adjacent to his property, controlling the path that leads up to his house.

The activists explain that they come to the house in order to make a Jewish presence felt until the police are willing do whatever is necessary to protect Herskovitz from the Arab squatters and others who, according to testimonies in the field, are threatening his life and the free access to his home.

The Jewish Canine Legion is considering whether to set up a branch on the property not only to service Herskovitz's security needs but also to help train others on Jewish communities in southern Jerusalem and in the Gush Etzion Bloc.

The unit reports that its dogs have prevented eight infiltrations this year into Elazar, in Gush Etzion, less than 10 minutes south of Jerusalem.