Judea highway
Judea highwayIsrael news photo: Flash 90

An Israeli woman managed to rescue herself and her young daughter on Thursday after a Palestinian Authority thief took the family car with the two inside. The incident took place in Kfar Hizme, north of Jerusalem.

A Jewish family stopped at a gas station near the village, and the father stepped out of his car to begin filling the tank. Suddenly, a PA Arab man ran to the vehicle, jumped into the driver's seat, and drove off, taking a woman and her baby daughter with him.

The woman began fighting the thief. During the struggle, she was stabbed in the hand. However, she succeeded in causing him to lose control of the car. The thief inadvertently crashed into the guard rail, and ran from the scene before rescue workers arrived.

The woman was treated for light wounds. Her daughter was unhurt.

On multiple occasions recently, Jews from Judea and Samaria have contacted Arutz Sheva to warn others about the dangers of carjacking. PA criminals are targeting Jews along Judea and Samaria roads, they say.

A woman from Shilo was recently targeted while driving to Jerusalem. As she drove past Kfar Hizme, she was suddenly cut off by another vehicle. Two PA Arab men got out, one jumped into her car, and the second ordered her out. The two quickly drove off, leaving her alone on the side of the road, where she was spotted by fellow Israeli drivers who took her to a nearby checkpoint.

Similar incidents have been reported just off Highway 6 at the Baka El Gharbiyeh exit.