Professor Shlomo Sand
Professor Shlomo Sand Israel news photo

Anat Kam, who may face life in prison for leaking secret documents, studied under the rabid left-wing history Professor Shlomo Sand in Tel Aviv. She was arrested on charges of espionage for copying 2000 IDF documents with secret information while serving in the IDF and leaking the material to a reporter for the left-wing Haaretz newspaper.

Click here to read an op-ed by Prof. Steve Plaut, who writes that the Israeli Far Left considers rightists to be congenitally violent and wonders if left wingers are congenitally disposed to treason.

Kam has written that one year after her release from the IDF in 2007, she began studying in the University of Tel Aviv history department, whose Professor Shlomo Sand is the author of a book called "The Invention of the Jewish People” claiming that there is no Jewish nation and who is widely known for anti-Israeli articles and speeches.

Last month, he wrote in one newspaper that Arab terrorists “fighting for the freedom of Palestine” are no different from Zionist underground fighters during the British Mandate. Two weeks ago, he told ABC News that the existence of the Jewish people is a “majestic piece of mythology.”

Kam also studied philosophy at Tel Aviv University, where several of its professors have called for a worldwide boycott against Israel. Philosophy Professor Adi Ophir has co-authored a book entitled, "Power of Inclusive Exclusion: Anatomy of the Israeli Rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.” The authors question “prevalent views of the occupation as either a skewed form of brutal colonization, a type of Jewish apartheid, or an inevitable response to terrorism.”  

A the same time Kam was under the influence of left-wing professors, she leaked information to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau, who is staying in England to avoid possible arrest on his return. The newspaper said it is trying to win promises from Israeli authorities that he can return to Israel without being taken into custody.

His article, based on Kam’s leaked documents, questioned the legality of the assassination of terrorists such as Ziad Malaisha, who joined the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in his youth. After serving three and a half years in prison for terrorism, Malaisha was released and went underground while continuing to organize actions against Israel.

Before the IDF targeted him, he used to tell friends he carried weapons and explosives so that we will “be a bomb that will explode in their faces every minute and every second,” according to a research article published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

The allegations against Kam state that she acted "out of ideological motives and with the intention of harming the security of the state." Passing classified information with the intention of harming the country carries a possible life sentence in jail.