Secret Docs Leaked to Haaretz
Secret Docs Leaked to HaaretzIsrael news photo

A top secret case involving national security that was long kept under wraps by the IDF censor but was published in the international media was finally authorized for publication this morning. It involved the alleged theft of 2,000 secret IDF documents by a former soldier who worked as a journalist for the left-leaning Hebrew language news website Walla.

Some details still remain classified, as the investigation by police, Shabak (Israel Security Agency) and IDF Information Security Department continues.

Despite protests by the Israeli media over the past several days, the State Prosecution insisted that the investigation remain under a gag order, for two reasons: To exhaust all possibilities of recovering the documents, and in order to prevent interference with the ongoing investigation of what appear to be the very grave crimes committed in this case. Finally, under pressure from Israel Press Council Chairperson and former Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner and others, and in light of developments in the case, the Prosecution has given in and withdrawn its demand for secrecy.

The State Prosecution says it was guided throughout the investigation by the overriding need to ensure that the secret documents not find their way into enemy hands.

The facts that are permitted for publication are as follows:

Journalist Anat Kam, 23,  is accused of stealing over 2,000 IDF classified documents, many hundreds of which are termed “secret” and “top secret.” The alleged crimes occurred when she served as a soldier clerking in the IDF military - specifically, in the office of the Commander of the Central District - between 2005-2007.

She allegedly handed over many of the “top secret” and “secret” documents to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau. Blau, who was abroad when the investigation started, has refused thus far to return to Israel for investigation. It is suspected that many of the classified papers are still in his possession – despite an offer made to him that the returned documents would not be used to prosecute him or his source, Anat Kam.

Kam, who was secretly arrested during the investigation, has been indicted in the Tel Aviv District Court. She stands accused of collecting secret information, giving it to unauthorized individuals, and attempting to harm state security.

Some of the documents include detailed plans for military operations, the deployment of IDF forces in routine and emergency situations, operations against terrorist leaders, evaluations, and more.