Dep. Min. Danny Ayalon
Dep. Min. Danny AyalonIsrael news photo: Flash 90

A short range rocket slammed into southern Israel Thursday evening, within the territory of the Eshkol Local Authority. No one was hurt. Earlier in the day, a Thai worker was killed by a similar rocket.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon held a press conference Thursday at Netiv Ha'asara, near the spot where the foreign worker was killed.

"This is one rocket out of 12,000 that the citizens of Israel have endured in recent years," the Deputy Foreign Minister said."The responsibility for this attack rests with Hamas."

Honoring a mass murderer

Ayalon placed Thursday's events in the context of recent Arab riots and incitement directed against Israel. "While Israel continues to extend its hand in peace, the other side not only refuses to come to the negotiating table, but continues to incite recklessly against Israel," Ayalon said. "Israel still seeks peace and calls for negotiations with the Palestinian Authority without preconditions, however, the incitement must end."

The Deputy Foreign Minister noted that the Palestinian Authority recently decided to honor Dalal Mughrabi, the leader of the deadliest-ever terrorist attack in Israel, by naming a square in Ramallah after her.

Ayalon tied between the rocket attacks and the Goldstone Report, which he said “provides legitimacy and propulsion for terrorism” and is immoral and unprofessional. "I call on those who voted for the Goldstone Report to come and see the consequences," he added.

“With or without the report,” he said, “Israel will continue to defend its citizens."

Benefits to family of laborer who was killed 

The laborer who was killed Thursday morning by a rocket fired from Gaza is a Thai national, 33. The National Insurance Institute (NII) said it would recognize the man as a victim of terror and his family would be eligible to all of the benefits and payments that Israeli families of terror victims receive by law.

The NII will also cover the cost of flying the victim's body to Thailand and burying him there. Foreign Ministry officials in Bangkok have already notified the family of the deceased man.