Fatal Kassam rocket attack
Fatal Kassam rocket attack Israel news photo

The fatal Kassam attack “caught” EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton as she was touring Gaza - but she did not condemn the leaders of Hamas or Fatah.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza have fired five Kassam rockets into Israel over the past two days, and the last one killed a worker from Thailand.

The employee was working in the greenhouses of Netiv HaAsarah, just north of Gaza, when the Kassam hit. A doctor was rushed to the scene, but was left with no choice but to pronounce him dead.

On Tuesday night, two Kassams were fired from Gaza landing in open areas near Sha'ar HaNegev. Hamas terrorists fired two more the next night, one landing near Sderot, and one in the Sha'ar HaNegev municipal area. No one was hurt in these attacks.

Ashton "Condemns" Violence

In a manner not unsimilar to that in which an announcement on a housing project in northeastern Jerusalem “caught” visiting U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden in Israel, the fatal Kassam attack “caught” European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton as she was touring Gaza. She criticized neither the leaders of Hamas or Fatah, however, saying only that she “condemns all types of violence.”

Earlier this week, Lady Ashton criticized Israel’s plan to build 1,600 new homes in Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem, as well as the “blockade of Gaza.”  She is the first senior European diplomat to secure Israeli permission to visit the Gaza Strip in over a year.

Hamas terrorists have fired several thousand rockets into Israel, killing more than a dozen Israelis, but the front has been mainly quiet ever since Israel's Operation Cast Lead 15 months ago.