Judge Goldstone
Judge Goldstone Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons

Phillipe Karsenty, a French media analyst and the founder of Media-Ratings, which monitors the media in France for bias, spoke with INR's Rabbi Shimshon Nadel at this year's Jerusalem Conference on the importance of winning the media war.

"It is very important to thank Richard Goldstone for his report. For the last ten years we are trying to stress the strategic importance of media. Now in Israel, it's understood that by not fighting against the lies, Israel is losing its legitimacy in the world. Goldstone was a catalyst."

Karsenty was sued for libel by French television network France 2, after accusing it of broadcasting staged footage of the supposed killing of a 12-year-old Gaza boy, Muhammad al-Durah, in 2000. A court ruled on his favor but the case has been appealed.