Incitement on PA TV
Incitement on PA TV Israel news photo: PMW

Palestinian Authority media outlets have often been used to incite PA Arabs against Israel. Now, a show called The Best Home is inciting Israeli Arab children against Israel as well. The show, broadcast on February 26, was picked up and translated by Palestinian Media Watch.

In the latest episode, the host broadcaster addressed Israeli Arab children living in cities such as Lod, Be'er Sheva and Nazareth. “Dear children, we will always remain in contact with you... and this program is certainly yours too, just as it belongs to every Palestinian child, since you are part of occupied Palestine,” she said.

The hostess avoided using the word “Israel,” choosing instead to say “the occupied territories,” “occupied Palestine,” or “the 1948 territories.” She expressed hope that PA Arabs and Israeli Arabs would be united in the near future, saying, “Soon, if it works out, we will be among you in the 1948 territories, the occupied territories...”

PA officials tell the international community that they are willing to accept the state of Israel within its 1948 borders, if the PA is given full control of Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and historic Jerusalem. However, PMW and similar groups have repeatedly documented the use of official PA media to deny Israel's right to exist in any form. PA television shows for children often refer to Israeli built cities such as Ashkelon and Eilat as “Palestinian,” and the official PA map of Palestine includes the entire territory of Israel.