Saar-type vessel
Saar-type vesselIsrael news photo: file

Two missile ships belonging to the Israeli Navy passed through the Suez Canal sometime during the last few weeks, according to reports on several internet sites. In the past, the passage of Israeli warships southward through the canal, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, has been interpreted as preparation for a possible attack against Iran.

The IDF spokesman said in response to IsraelNationalNews's inquiry regarding the reports that the IDF does not usually comment on military movements.

Two Israeli warships passed through the Suez Canal on July 14 last year in what was seen as an unusual show of cooperation between Egypt and Israel. The Hanit and the Eilat, both Sa’ar-5 class Navy torpedo boats, traveled from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, allegedly to beef up Israel’s military presence there.

One week earlier, an Israel Navy Dolphin-class submarine also traveled through the Suez Canal from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and back, escorted by Egyptian navy vessels.  It was the first such drill for the German-made secret vessel, defense sources said.

Israeli navy vessels usually travel around the Horn of Africa in order to reach the Red Sea. The voyages in July were seen as a message from Israel and Egypt to Iran, which continues its nuclear program and threats against Israel in spite of United Nations sanctions.