Foreign Minister Lieberman
Foreign Minister Lieberman Israel news photo: Flash 90

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman Tuesday told his counterpart from New Zealand, Murray McCully, that he thinks Israel should encourage the US to adopt the boycott of Cuba as a model for dealing with Iran, instead of waiting for world to approve sanctions against the rogue mullah regime.

"There is no doubt that the central threat to world peace remains Iran,” Lieberman said, “and that we are worried by the developments in the international arena.”

Lieberman said that “the de facto meaning of the latest contacts in the international arena is that resolutions in the [United Nations] Security Council will be postponed to a later date, without a clear understanding of where and when they will take place.”

In view of this predicament, Lieberman said, Israel should change its policy on Iran. Instead of pushing for a concerted effort to place sanctions on Iran, “we should ask the US to adopt the model of the Cuban trade embargo which has already proven its efficacy and which is strong enough to strangle and topple the Iranian regime."

"Consensus and wide agreement are important,” he said, “but in the long run what is important is how to stop the Iranian nuclear plan, and by using [the Cuban] model the US can do it alone.”.     

New Zealand's Foreign Minister McCully is in the Middle East on a five-day visit to Egypt, Israel, Ramallah and Turkey.

McCully and Lieberman signed a Working Holiday Scheme which will allow young New Zealanders to work part-time while on holiday in Israel, and offers reciprocal arrangements for young Israelis in New Zealand.

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