Five Christian volunteers were lightly wounded by Arab rock-throwers in the fields of the Jewish town of Har Brachah in the Shomron; the town’s security officer was detained after he shot in the air.

The five injured volunteers were part of a group of American Christians who arrived in Har Brachah in Samaria to help the Jewish residents work their fields. The incident occurred on Tuesday, and they were back working the fields on Wednesday.

The chief security officer of the Jewish town of Har Brachah arrived on the scene and when he saw the attack in progress, he fired in the air. The attackers, from the nearby Arab village Irak Burin, then dispersed – but later complained to the police that one of their number had been shot in the shoulder.

The police summoned the security officer for questioning and later released him. They also confiscated his weapon, but returned it late Wednesday morning.