Israeli Air Force Retaliates in Gaza
Israeli Air Force Retaliates in Gaza Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Israeli Air Force struck again in Gaza around midnight Tuesday in retaliation for continuing Gaza terrorists' rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli civilians. Military spokesman did not state what locations were targeted, but the French news agency AFP reported that an eyewitness saw five missiles hit the old Gaza airport. The Air Force also bombed the facility last week in response to an attempted naval attack.  

No one was injured in the latest strike, which reinforces the Israeli policy of striking back immediately after rocket attacks. Hamas and allied terrorists have fired more than 20 rockets and mortars at Israel since the beginning of the year, the latest hitting the Western Negev on Monday without causing injury or damage.

The IDF said it holds the de facto Hamas government “solely responsible for maintaining peace and quiet” in Gaza.

The recent escalation of rocket attacks and terrorists' plans to strike at Gaza crossing have caused the IDF to reduce its activities near the separation barrier and keep the crossings closed, military sources operating near Gaza told Israel National News. Other IDF officials have said that the Karni crossing, which serves as the main cargo terminal for Gaza residents, will remain closed as long as Hamas remain in control of Gaza.

Previous terrorist attacks at Gaza crossings, aimed at interfering with humanitarian aid and normal commercial shipments from Israel, have killed nearly a dozen Israeli civilians.

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