Cover of "A Mother Looks at The Oslo Years"
Cover of "A Mother Looks at The Oslo Years"Israel news photo

Author and journalist Ellen Horowitz said on Arutz 7’sShevathon that the Jerusalem Post, during the Oslo War (the terror war that broke out in 2000), told her to stop writing articles dealing with politics, following a change in the newspaper’s editors and editorial policy.

“When David Bar-Ilan was editor, my articles were accepted, but when management switched, they asked [me] to stay out of politics,” she said. “I needed to express myself, thank Heaven there is Arutz Sheva because it is the voice of Zionism.”

Horowitz added, “The rug was taken out from under us in the early 1990s during the Oslo talks, and we needed some sanity.” She eventually wrote a book, “A Jewish Mother Looks at the Oslo Wars.”

She wrote that she was compelled to put her thoughts to paper because "a Jew is required to bear witness, remember and record history, even when events are unfolding at a furious pace.... One would be bereft of a most crucial chapter in Jewish history if they declined to expose their soul and honestly investigate this age of upheaval."

Horowitz grew up in a Reform but Zionist Jewish household before returning to traditional Judaism and to Israel. Inspired by her past, she previously told Israel National that she believes the Oslo years offered an opportunity "to bridge the gap between secular and religious Jewish Zionists.”