Preparation in Ramleh
Preparation in Ramleh IDF Spokesman's Unit

An initial IDF emergency aid delegation to the earthquake disaster zone in Haiti, consisting mostly of paramedics, is scheduled to leave Israel Thursday night or Friday morning. The emergency crews will participate in operating a field hospital that is being built by the Norwegian Red Cross. They will also cooperate with the, Italian, German and US Red Cross.

Arutz Sheva TV spoke with Chaim Rafalowski, the disaster management coordinator for Magen David Adom, ("The Red Star of David" - Israel's "Red Cross"). Rafalowski spoke about his pride as a Jew and Israeli taking part in the international rescue mission, "we were always taught that when you save one soul, you're saving a whole world" he said and emphasized that the mission is continuous and crews will be traveling back and forth between Israel and Haiti over a period of at least three months.

The delegation will number 220 people, including Home Front Command disaster rescue crews and medical crews from the IDF's Chief Medical Officer Headquarters.

Members of the Home Front Command delegation to the Haiti disaster zone carry out paperwork before receiving a medical briefing at Home Front Officer HQ in Ramleh.

The participants have all been trained in giving emergency aid in disaster situations.

An Oketz Unit dog trained in locating trapped persons.

Crews were given detailed medical briefings and five vaccinations.

Hebrew Video - IDF Officer briefs forces before departure:

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