The United Nations and media suffer from “Obsessive Compulsive Israel Disorder (OCID),” says the British-born designer of the, website which illustrates the anti-Israel agenda.

"Stop defending Israel and start showing the truth proactively", he tells Israel supporters. Knesset Member Yuli Edelstein published statistics Wednesday that show that 91 percent of Israelis feel that Israel has an extremely negative world image and is seen as an aggressive and unfriendly country.

Jonathan Bash now lives in Israel and was also co-founder of a media watchdog website. He says his aim is “to make the Middle East a free place” for everyone, including Christians whose rights have been eroded under the Palestinian Authority

The “" website shows two chilling videos, brought below, one on the worldwide problem of refugees and the other on the international agenda to destroy Israel.

He feels that the fixation of the eyes of the world can be broken by repeated showing of what is happening to recent refugees in Darfur and other places. The Arab world and the United Nations have instead focused on the poor living conditions of Arabs left to languish in “refugee camps” for decades instead of being absorbed into their host country’s population, as is done with other refugees.

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“Terrible things are going on in the world,” Bash told Israel National News, discussing his video on refugees. “It is a disaster and the world is not doing anything about it. The issue is not what’s going on in Israel. Over the last few years 300,000 people have been killed in Sudan,” he said and added that Google searches for Darfur are a mere four percent of those for Israel.

The second video presentation is called “The Phased Plan: The 3 step plan to destroy Israel”. It quotes a U.N.-hosted website of the Palestinian Authority observer at the United Nations as advocating an “armed struggle” and a “combatant national authority.” Bash’s notes these terms are “diametrically opposed to the U.N. charter. The charter’s opening paragraph mentions the word ‘peace’ five times”.

The video quotes former PA chairman Yasser Arafat’s 1996 statement,” Within five years, we plan to destroy Israel.” The film then shows the PA’s plan: “Acquire territory, use territory to launch terror, and destroy Israel.”

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