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Arutz Sheva recently inaugurated a new Book Review section on its website that will benefit those who already are avid book readers and will grab the interest of those who are not yet enthusiastic book lovers.

The book section, although still fledgling, already boasts a variety of books. Each week, several new books will be reviewed. The most recent title to be reviewed appears on the homepage, and the complete selection of titles can be accessed through an attractive section page.

The latest book is showcased on the homepage (yellow area)

The complete selection of books can be access from the main menu

Arutz Sheva will strive to provide a wide selection of different titles to meet the needs and interests of its worldwide readership – from books on basic Judaism to Torah study, from children's books to novels, and from cookbooks to guides to self-improvement.

Some of the titles reviewed so far include entertaining books, such as the mystery novel "The Disappearing Dowry", set in the early 1800s and centered around the disappearance of a young woman's dowry and a wealthy benefactor's quest to return it.

"Real Kids 2" captivates vignettes from the lives of kids from around the world. Every story relates a specific event or encounter that had a meaningful impact on a young person’s life.

"The Quest for Justice in the Middle East" describes the basics of the Arab-Israeli conflict for those being bombarded daily with news and misinformation coming out of this important region.

Torah Town  is a well-illustrated, guided tour of a variety of Torah institutions, Jewish concepts, values, ideas and ideals in an interesting and entertaining fashion.

Reviews will provide readers with an interesting preview of the book without devulging all the details, which would spoil the fun of reading, especially when the book has a happy end.

In recent years, Internet and TV have taken up the lion's share of people's free time while books have been relegated the back seat. Reading can be such a relaxing, engaging, and educational experience and Arutz Sheva's book review section hopes to revive and strengthen the reading of books.

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