New UN sanctions on Iran, says Ayalon
New UN sanctions on Iran, says Ayalon Israel news photo

Israel and Iran have traded warnings as the Islamic Republic plans another massive military exercise against a possible attack by Israel. Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said that the United Nations Security Council will impose tougher sanctions on Iran within a month.

His prediction coincided with American media reports that the recent renewed unrest in the streets of Iran has made the regime more susceptible to sanctions designed to discourage it from developing nuclear weapons.

Photo: Danny Ayalon  Ayalon said that both Russia and the United States agree that Iran must be stopped from achieving the capability of manufacturing a nuclear weapon, a view that represents a turnaround for Moscow, which has a major investment in Iran’s nuclear development.

Iran issued a warning of its own on Saturday, setting a one-month deadline for the West to accept its own proposals concerning nuclear inspections. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki threatened that it will accelerate the level of enrichment for its nuclear fuel if the West does not agree to its suggestions.

"We have given them an ultimatum. There is one month left and that is by the end of January," he said. The United States has expressed doubts about Iran’s ability to produce uranium.

Meanwhile, Iran said it will stage another "large-scale military exercise" next month to prepare for a possible attack on its nuclear reactors.