Construction freeze clashes
Construction freeze clashesIsrael news photo

Policemen, against acceptable rules of conduct, manhandled girls and others protesting the building freeze at Kedumim on Sunday.

After a Sabbath break, the anti-freeze battles continued and another mayor was physically beaten. Residents of Kedumim, one of the most veteran communities in Samaria, came out in droves on Sunday morning to block Civil Administration officials from distributing stop-work orders on building projects in the town.

The inspectors were accompanied by special Yassam unit police officers, who reportedly used strong violence to disperse the protestors. The Yassamnikim hit the town’s mayor, Chananel Durani, and his deputy, eyewitnesses say, and threw young girls on the street, as seen on the video above. 

The inspectors ultimately succeeded in entering the town, where they placed the stop-work orders and quickly left. Their cars were pelted with eggs and other objects, courtesy of the residents.

The Shomron Residents Committee reports that on their way to Kedumim, the forces drove through three nearby Arab villages – Funduk, Haja, and Kadoum – places that the army generally considers too dangerous to enter in order to apprehend terrorists or confiscate weapons.

To the Jewish residents’ horror, they learned that the Arab residents applauded as the convoy of forces drove through.

A ministerial committee has been formed to deal with enforcement of the 10-month construction freeze. Headed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Minister Benny Begin, the committee is scheduled to convene on Sunday afternoon to discuss ways to ease some of the decrees of the freeze.