Cows - when they are tame
Cows - when they are tameIsrael news photo

Israelis raise tough cows, it seems. A Jewish farmer in the Galilee is recovering from injuries he suffered when a 500 kg calf went into a fit and kicked a cement wall, which collapsed on him.

Amram Shalom, 50, from Moshav Hazon, was hospitalized in Tzfat for several broken bones in his legs after the retaining wall collapsed. Dr. Asa Lev-El said his condition is moderate following an operation, although the farmer is suffering from pain.

The farmer says he is just as strong as the calf and that he intends to return to herding his cattle as soon as he recovers.

“I prefer to work with cattle and animals than with people,” Shalom said. “I live in and love nature.”

Chaim Dayan, director of the Israeli Cattle Growers Association, said although ranch farmers' work includes taking some chances, the cattle usually are quite tame and easy to raise, despite their weight that often reaches more than half a ton. He wished Shalom a speedy recovery and return to the farm.

The angry calf has since calmed down.