Israel National News visits WATEC 2009 the International Conference and Exhibit on Water Technologies, Alternative Energy, and the Environment.

In wake of the water shortage crisis, the following video features three companies who took part in the conference and deal with water, each in their own area – desalinating, securing and preserving water.

The goal of WATEC, which hosted 20 delegations from 50 nations, is to bring together top Israeli and international business executives, politicians, decision makers and leading researchers, to foster substantive debates and insights on the key issues facing the world's water and ecological systems.

The unique exhibit presented state of the art Israeli technological innovations in the fields of water, alternative energy, and environmental quality. Among the companies presenting during the exhibit are those that have been recently appropriated by large international consortiums, others that have shown impressive success in penetrating worldwide markets, and young innovative companies.

In their invitation letter, the organizers of WATEC 2009 explain that Israel has coped with decades of water shortages and has gained tremendous experience in developing unique solutions for issues such as intelligent water resource management, irrigation technologies, water quality, waste purification, wastewater restoration and salinization. "Israel with its innovative and vibrant industry has become a major player in these fields."

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