The Knesset
The KnessetIsrael news photo: file

The Knesset will soon be hiring a researcher of Jewish Law, as part of the legislative body's Center for Research and Information. The researcher will be part of the the legal team which carries out comparative legal research. These researchers assist Knesset Members in gathering legal and other information in the preparation and debate of legislation. 

The person behind the idea is the chairman of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, MK David Rotem (Israel Our Home). A while ago, Rotem wrote a letter to the Knesset Director with the idea for the position, explaining that “Hebrew law is the basis for Israeli law and incorporates within it a wisdom that is thousands of years old. It is meaningful that Knesset Members should receive the position of Hebrew Law and not base their opinions on unsubstantiated claims.”

Rotem's initiative is in agreement with the Foundations of Justice Law (1980) which states that the basis of Israeli law – previously defined as English Common Law – is the "principles of freedom, justice, equity, and peace of the heritage of Israel."

Prof. Daniel Elazar has explained that, “Most Israelis view their state as a regime properly based on civil rather than religious law, but believe it only proper that the Knesset has specified in law that the state's legal system should be based on traditional Jewish legal-constitutional principles, which include a full civil code, to the extent possible.”