A doctor from Israel dramatically confronted United Nations Human Rights Council Judge Richard Goldstone with critical comments on his report’s accusations against Israel and its virtual disregard of her own testimony. He ignored most of her questions.

A video of the committee meeting, which took place several weeks ago, recently was released on video.

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Dr. Mirela Siderer, an Israeli doctor who was brutally disfigured in 2008 by a Hamas rocket fired from Gaza into her Ashkelon medical clinic, asked him, “Where were you when Gaza [terrorists] attacked my medical clinic in violation of international human rights and humanitarian law?”

Hamas terrorists traumatized southern Israel for eight years with thousands of rockets and mortars before Israel launched its three-week Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist campaign in late December 2008 and early January of this year. Judge Goldstone found Israel guilty of war crimes during the brief war. Since its conclusion, Hamas and allied terrorists have attacked Israel with more than 250 additional rockets and mortars.

The wounded doctor also wanted to know why Judge Goldstone ignored her testimony given during the commission’s fact-finding sessions. He ignored all of her questions, except after the following: 

Dr.Siderer declared, “I feel so humiliated. I testified in good faith. You sent me a letter, ‘Your testimony is essential.' Why does my testimony appear only in passing? My name was mentioned once in parentheses in a technical context."

Judge Goldstone, searching for words, replied that he was sorry she felt bad and added succinctly, “She was referred to in the report.”

He did not reply to her complaints that Israeli victims were referred to in only two pages of the 576-page report. Dr. Siderer explained that “blood was everywhere: after the rocket exploded, wounding [her], a patient and 100 other people." She pointed out that she also treats Arab patients from Gaza.

“My life was changed forever,” she added. “Next month I will undergo my eighth operation."

Judge Goldstone also ignored other questions:  “Why did you focus on my country’s response but not on the attacks that cause it?

“Why did you not tell me that this council judged Israel guilty in advance?

“Why did you not tell me that you and other commissioners signed public letters judging Israel in advance?

"Where was this council? Why were you all silent?”