President Shimon Peres met Wednesday with soldiers taking part in the joint Israel-United States exercise “Juniper Cobra.”

"The nature of the new danger is – you don't fight enemies, you fight dangers,” Peres said. “The terrorists are not one nation. They don't have laws, they don't have uniforms, they don't have any restrictions.” Peres praised the state-of-the-art military technologies being used in Juniper Cobra, saying, “Technologies will help to protect the world from wild intentions equipped with modern missiles.”

Giving an autograph to a US soldier / Israel news photo: IDF Spokesman's Unit

The Juniper Cobra drill is focused primarily on defending against missile strikes.

"The best professional minds are keeping the skies safe, and residents of Israel should know they are in good hands,” Peres remarked. The president watched simulations of missile defense maneuvers, and even got hands-on experience with the “Iron Dome” rocket defense system.

Peres thanked American commanders, and praised the “friendly” and professional relationship between Israeli and American troops. “I was deeply moved by the comradeship between your armed forces and our armed forces,” he told US officers.