Bug-free lettuce
Bug-free lettuce Israel news photo: (file)

For decades, Israel's “Hasalat – Alei Katif” company has been known for its high-quality vegetables, which are grown using unique technologies that leave them free of both bugs and pesticides. Now, the company plans to show farmers worldwide how to imitate its success, with the help of subsidiary “Alei Katif – Knowledge and Development.”

The subsidiary firm will teach international agricultural giants how to grow quality produce without using pesticides. The firm will also conduct research and explore new agricultural technologies and methods, with a particular focus on finding ways to save energy and water.

Among the research and development projects already planned is the creation of unique greenhouses that suit the specific environmental needs of particular plants.

Alei Katif plans to set up a program that will not only provide other agricultural firms with advice, but will guide them through the entire process of planting, growing, and marketing vegetables. Teams of experts will help solve any problems that arise.

The company hopes that growing global awareness of the importance of healthy vegetables and the dangers of pesticides and herbicides will boost business, as more companies turn to natural growth processess to produce food.

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