Kotel mutiny
Kotel mutiny Miri Tzachi, Homesh First

An unprecedented mutiny took place at the swearing-in ceremony of Shimshon Battalion soldiers at the Kotel Thursday evening. Immediately after being sworn in, some of the soldiers raised large signs which said “Shimshon Battalion does not carry out evictions at Homesh.”

Parents of soldiers also raised similar signs at the same moment. 

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Video shows soldiers shouting out vow of allegiance and unfurling sign, subsequent talk with commanders. / Arutz Sheva.

The anger and frustration within the ranks of the Shimshon soldiers and their families reached a boiling point after the battalion carried out numerous evictions at Homesh – a Shomron (Samaria) community that was razed in the “Disengagement”.

Just as the Kfir Regiment Commander began his speech at the ceremony, soldiers from the battalion and raised two large signs against the evictions. Similar signs were raised by the soldiers' relatives in the audience.   The “Disengagement” carried out in 2005 by the government of now-comatose Ariel Sharon included the destruction of all Jewish communities in Gaza. It was carried out in the hope of bringing about peace with the Arabs. However, no peace  has materialized, and Jewish activists have been persistent in their attempts to return to Homesh. The military, on its side, has been evicting these Jews from the ruins time and time again – sometimes in a violent manner, and often on the Jewish Sabbath.

Col. Oren Abman / Israel news photo: Kfir amuta website

IDF officials warned Friday that the soldiers could face expulsion from Shimshon for their actions. "This was a shameful and anomalous breach of IDF discipline," a spokesman said. "Kfir Regiment Commander Colonel Oren Abman will consider terminating their service in the regiment."

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