The IDF Intelligence video released this week showing Hizbullah terrorists stockpiling long-range missiles is the proof that Israel needs to “take off its gloves” in the next round of warfare. So says long-time military analyst Yisrael Katzover, speaking with Arutz-7’s Hebrew newsmagazine.

The video footage, released on Tuesday of this week, shows the terrorists taking missiles and other weaponry out of a southern Lebanon warehouse, where an explosion had occurred the day before, and loading them onto trucks. United Nations ceasefire resolution 1701 that ended the Second Lebanon War of 2006 clearly bans such activity.

“This video shows the simple truth very clearly,” Katzover said. “Hizbullah has spent these many months re-arming itself, in blatant violation of the ceasefire. Israel has long said that Hizbullah has no fewer than 300 arms storehouses south of the Litani River, where it will be able to easily access its missiles when the next round of fighting begins, without having to transport them from place to place. We finally have the proof.”

“The video shows clearly the terrorists closing off the area so that the UNIFIL forces can’t get there. It also shows that the missiles are long-range ones that can apparently reach deep into Israel – important testimony regarding the type of threats we will face in the next round.”

The very fact that the video exists proves that the IDF was ready and waiting for this type of eventuality, Katzover says:“Immediately after the warehouse explosion, the IDF was able to send a drone to the site to photograph the goings-on – and this shows that our drones are in the air, ready to go.”

Katzover predicts that in the next battle with Hizbullah, Israel will be more aggressive: “We are currently busy proving to the world that Hizbullah is a major threat to Lebanese stability, because in the next round, Israel will take off its gloves; we have learned the lessons of the last war, and this time there will be a massive entry of Israeli ground forces into Lebanon.”