Katyusha rocket attack on Nahariya (archives
Katyusha rocket attack on Nahariya (archives Israel news photo: Flash 90

Hizbullah terrorists attacked the northern Galilee for at least the third time this year, striking near Narhariya on the northwestern Mediterranean Coast. No injuries were reported, and damage was limited to a telephone pole that was struck near a kibbutz. The IDF responded with artillery fire, according to military spokesmen.

The Associated Press quoted Lebanese sources as saying that the rockets were fired from a spot near the coastal city of Tyre.

The attacks came one day after Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Sa'ad Hariri stepped down after failing to create a unity government that would have included the pro-Syrian opposition led by Hizbullah. Several observers have flatly stated that Hizbullah, and not Lebanon, is becoming the Jewish State’s northern neighbor.

Hizbullah has attacked several times along the northern border despite the United Nations ceasefire resolution that ended the Second Lebanon War in 2006. Israeli intelligence and military officials have said that the terrorist organization has stockpiled at least 60,000 rockets, supplied by Iran and Syria, more than twice the number in its arsenal before the five-week war.

However, President Shimon Peres recently stated the number is 80,000, a figure that Lebanon disputed.

Israel filed a complaint with the UN on Friday following the firing of the Katyusha rockets. In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and U.S. ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, Israels UN Gabriela Shalev wrote that Jerusalem considers the Lebanese government responsible for the rocket attack.

A report Saturday by Lebanese sources said that UN security personnel patrolling the border with Israel had significantly stepped up their patrols since Friday's attack.