Israel-Lebanon border
Israel-Lebanon borderIsrael news photo: (file)

Israel's security forces are working to identify an unknown man who jumped the border with Lebanon this week and has since been arrested. Police have released the man's photograph in an attempt to gather information from the public.

The affair began on Tuesday night, when IDF troops stationed in the north spotted a mysterious figure jumping the fence between Israel and Lebanon. Soldiers called for backup, and began searching the area to ensure that the border incident had not been paired with an infiltration from Lebanon into Israel.

During the searches, soldiers did not find any clues regarding the border crosser's identity or his destination.

Israel later heard from Lebanese sources that the man made it to the Lebanese village of Kfar Itrun. There, villagers called for Lebanese troops, who arrested the man.

The man is currently in detention, and is being questioned by the Lebanese army and by UNIFIL troops. Lebanese and UN troops did not find any form of identification on the mans' body, and it is not currently clear if he is an Israeli citizen.

Israeli police expressed fear that the man may be mentally ill.

Security forces did not confirm rumors that the man was released into Israeli custody on Thursday morning.