Government Press Office head Danny Seaman warned Thursday that Israel will no longer put up with unprofessional reporting that borders on libel. The latest case, in which a Swedish tabloid accused Israel of harvesting Arabs' organs, is just one more incident in a long-term pattern of anti-Israel reporting, he said.

Many foreign journalists issue slanderous reports under the guise of interviews with Palestinian Arab civilians or leaders, Seaman explained, allowing them to avoid responsibility for false allegations.

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In the past, Seaman said, Israel has done little in response to libelous or even anti-Semitic reports in the foreign press. Now, however, the government is finally willing to fight back, he said.

While Seaman did not give specifics, he said that reporters who use unprofessional or underhanded tactics in order to slander Israel will soon face the consequences. “The state of Israel will not show the same hospitality and willingness to host them that we did in the past,” he warned.

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