Hamas terrorists are blaming Israel for a new weapon: aphrodisiacs they say are being smuggled into Gaza in order to "corrupt the young."

A Hamas police official said Tuesday that the aphrodisiacs are being introduced into the population through chewing gum and drops.

The issue arose when a man complained that his daughter suffered "dubious side effects" from the chewing gum. Hamas contends the gum, and the drops, are actually "stimulants that were introduced into the Gaza Strip from Israeli border crossings."

Both reportedly caused heightened desire, according to the AFP news agency.

Islam Shahwan said Hamas police have arrested gang members that imported the products, claiming the suspects "admitted during the investigation they were linked to the Zionist intelligence services."

Shahwan added that the gang members said they had received a sweet deal on the price of the products, "with the [Israeli intelligence officer] officer saying they did not want money, but to distribute the products among the young people of Gaza. The intelligence services are aiming to corrupt the young generation by distributing these products among students," he claimed.

The IDF spokesperson's office had no comment on the story. A military source that asked to remain anonymous said the report was "ludicrous."

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