Senior Palestinian Authority official Issa Qaraqe praised terrorism on Saturday during a meeting with the family of a jailed terrorist murderer. Qaraqe's statements were reported by the PA-affiliated Maan and Palestine News Network news agencies.

Qaraqe, who serves as the PA “Minister of Prisoners and Ex-Detainee Affairs,” praised PA Christian terrorists for “defending Palestinian dignity.” Many Christians have “endur[ed] great challenges in facing the Israeli occupation,” he said.

His statements were made in a speech in honor of Chris Bandak, a PA terrorist from Bethlehem serving consecutive life sentences in Israeli prison. Bandak was convicted of firing on Israeli motorists in Judea, murdering two and seriously wounding a third.

Affiliated with the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades and Tanzim, both sects of Fatah, Bandak and his family are Greek Orthodox Christians. Bandak's family expressed pride in his actions, and asked the PA to intervene with Israel to allow Bandak more visitors in prison.

Terrorists like Bandak show the strength of “Palestinian unity,” said Qaraqe. “Our Christian communities shot down all Israeli bets and attempts to divide our people on a sectarian basis. We are all Palestinians.”

Qaraqe paid tribute to other imprisoned PA Christian terrorists as well.