Thousands of family, friends, and Israeli citizens wishing to express solidarity attended the funeral of Shlomo Nativ on Thursday. Shlomo, a Jewish youth from Bat Ayin, located south of Jerusalem, was murdered by an Arab terrorist Thursday morning.

Thousands fill the Gush Etziyon cemetery located in Kfar Etziyon for the funeral of Shlomo Nativ

All eyes at the funeral are focused on the open grave of terror victim 16-year-old Shlomo Nativ and the family he leaves behind.

Crying broke the silence of the otherwise serene, green landscape and forests of the Gush Etziyon regional cemetery in the Judean Hills.

The bereaved father, standing in the middle of the picture with black hat and back to camera, looks upon as others shovel dirt into the open grave of his murdered son.


Twelve hours after the murder, a pile of rocks marks the spot, next to a ping pong table, where Shlomo was butchered by an Arab wielding a hatchet

The funeral announcement reads: "Blessed is He who judges with truth. The Gush Etziyon Regional Council and its residents join in the mourning of the Nativ family and the town of Bat Ayin over the murder of the youth Shlomo Nativ, May the Lord avenge his blood. The funeral will depart today at 5:00 p.m. from the Nativ family's home in Bat Ayin for the cemetery in Kfar Etziyon."

From one door to the next, Bat Ayin mourns and Bat Ayin rejoices: a decorated car of a newly-wed couple parked across the street from the Nativ home. The couple got married the night before the murder. One of Shlomo's last acts of kindness was to clean the mobile home of the couple prior to their moving in. The Dean of the Bat Ayin Yeshiva, Rabbi Natan Greenberg, told the newly-wed's family after Shlomo's funeral that they must continue in their rejoicing and hold the traditional post-wedding Sheva Brachot feast as planned the same evening. He explained that the Sheva Brachot celebration "adds another brick [to the building of the Jewish People], and a new couple moving is an answer to the terrorist attack."


Israel news photos: Baruch Gordon

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