IAF jets attacked more than 100 targets Tuesday in Gaza, on Day 18 of Operation Cast Lead, and an anti-aircraft gun was discovered in a mosque. See video:

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The targets included about 55 tunnels used for smuggling weapons and 20 spots used for launching rockets.

IAF aircraft aided by ground forces hit 22 crews of armed gunmen. In one case, a ground force spotted terrorists laying an explosive device and called in the IAF which hit the terrorists.

Troops operating in the northern Gaza Strip encountered several gunmen armed with anti-tank missiles and light weapons. The troops directed the Air Force to successfully hitting the gunmen.

Working with infantry troops in northern Gaza, a combat engineering force carried out a controlled detonation of a tunnel leading into Israeli territory in the vicinity of the Nahal Oz terminal. The tunnel, uncovered on Monday in a joint army and intelligence, was apparently intended to be used to kidnap Israeli citizens or soldiers.

IAF missile attack on a building being used by terrorists in Sejaiyeh, Gaza, as seen from street level:


IDF soldiers discover weapons, tunnel:

Weapons inside a mosque.

IDF Spokesman's Unit

A A gun inside a mosque.

IDF Spokesman's Unit

Opening of tunnel intended for abduction.

IDF Spokesman's Unit

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