Violent protests against IDF operations in Gaza continued in Jerusalem, Haifa and elsewhere in Israel on Monday. University students joined the fray with protests and counter-protests in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Jerusalem: Rocks, Arson, Graves Vandalized

In Jerusalem, riots continued for the third day in a row in Arab neighborhoods of the city. Twenty policemen were lightly wounded in confrontations with rioters armed with stones. Approximately 60 rioters were arrested.

Pro-Arab students in the foreground wave PA Flag while pro-Israel students wave Israeli Israeli flags at a Hebrew University student standoff on Monday. Police stand between the two sides.

In the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nebi Samuel, Arab residents protested the Cast Lead operation in Gaza with arson attacks. Arsonists set fire to a local forest at three different points. Firefighters succeeded in extinguishing the blaze. Two suspected arsonists were later arrested.

Riots were reported in Shuafat, Har Adar and the Old City in Jerusalem as well, and in the village of Kalandia north of the capital, and Rachel's Tomb (Kever Rachel) south of the city, in Bethlehem. On the Mount of Olives (Har Zeitim), overlooking the Old City, Arab rioters smashed headstones on Jewish graves in the local cemetery.

Haifa U.: 'Barak Murders' vs. 'Death to Terrorists'

At Haifa University, hundreds of Arabs and a handful of extreme-left Jewish students and professors faced off against supporters of Cast Lead on campus. Arab students held signs saying “Barak murders” and “State terror,” while those supporting the IDF called out “Death to terrorists” and called for Hamas head Ismail Haniyeh to be killed.

Police kept the sides apart, but minor disturbances were reported as protesters broke free to argue and occasionally throw objects at each other. Some students serving in the IDF reserves argued with their leftist professors, who were protesting against the Gaza operation.

Senior university administrators said both the pro- and anti-IDF demonstrations had been approved. Students must be allowed to exercise their freedom of speech, they said.

The Haifa student union published a statement in support of the IDF and the Cast Lead operation.

Hebrew U.: 'With Blood and Fire We Will Liberate You, Palestine'

Next to the Hebrew University campus on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, hundreds of Arab students held Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) flags and yelled, “Gaza, Gaza, do not despair,” “Allah is great,” and “With blood and fire we will liberate you, Palestine.”

Jewish students from the Zionist “Im Tirtzu” (If You Will It) student group held a counter protest. The students held Israeli flags, sang the national anthem HaTikva, and shouted “We love the IDF” and “See you in the reserves.”

Tel Aviv: Three Arrested

Protests and counter-protests took place near the Tel Aviv University campus in Ramat Aviv. A scuffle broke out between protesters, and three were arrested.