A new activist group calling itself 'The18' has launched a campaign against the creation of a Palestinian Authority state in Judea and Samaria. The group recently released a video explaining its platform.

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The18 sets out its goals on its website. Among the goals are challenging the two-state solution, being relentless and joining the fight worldwide. “The18 will not be polite,” the group warns.

The group was founded after the election of Barack Obama to be President of the United States. Obama believes in “linkage,” the group says, and believes that if Arab grievances are addressed, terrorist will cease. He will see the creation of a PA state as a top goal.

Jewish nationalists must make fighting the creation of a PA state their top goal, the group says. “All other issues are a diversion... we must steel ourselves to the reality that all else must be secondary to fighting two-state,” member Michael Fenenbock explains in the group's manifesto. “If we lose the two-state battle... we lose the whole game.”

The18 is inspired by the Warsaw Ghetto uprising during the Holocaust, members say. On its site, the group mentions the uprising as a time when “a young Jew named Mordechai Anielewicz showed that a fearless handful of committed men and women can make a rebellion and he forever laid to rest the myth of the passive Jew.”