Picture of the Rebbe unscathed in attack
Picture of the Rebbe unscathed in attack(courtesy of Chabad)

Mumbai doctors who examined the bodies of the victims of the Muslim terror massacre said the victims were tortured before being slaughtered.

"Of all the bodies, the Israeli victims bore the maximum torture marks," a doctor who examined the bodies told the Indian news website Rediff.com.

"Of all the bodies, the Israeli victims bore the maximum torture marks.

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"It was clear that they were killed on Wednesday. It was obvious that they were tied up and tortured before they were killed. It was so bad that I do not want to go over the details even in my head again," he said.

Another doctor commented, "It was very strange. I have seen so many dead bodies in my life, and was yet traumatized. A bomb blast victim's body might have been torn apart and could be a very disturbing sight. But the bodies of the victims in this attack bore such signs about the kind of violence of urban warfare that I am still unable to put my thoughts to words," he said.

Intelligence officials confirmed the doctors' observations. Ajmal Kamal, the only terrorist who was not killed after he and his gang had managed to murder nearly 200 people and wound hundreds others, told officials that the terrorists "were specifically asked to target the foreigners, especially the Israelis."

Intelligence Bureau sources were quoted as estimating that the terrorists did not want to keep them alive in order not to attract international attention. "They also might have feared the chances of Israeli security agencies taking over the operations at the Nariman House," otherwise known as the Chabad House, he reasoned.

One of the few objects in the Chabad House that was unscathed in the massacre was a picture of the revered Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, whose past spiritual leadership still provides unending faith for hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide.

The bodies of the terrorists were also in very poor condition; doctors reported that they were unable to identify the bodies of many of the terrorists because of their decimated state.

Medical personnel who examined the bodies of the terrorists stated, "Their faces were beyond recognition. One official told the Indian website, "The security forces that brought the bodies told us [they] were the bodies of the terrorists," adding there was no other way they could have identified them.

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