Nonie Darwish, the founder of Arabs for Israel, says that the hatred the Muslims have for Jews is even worse than the hatred the Nazis had for them. "It isn't a societal thing, it's a religious thing," she explains. "It's intrinsic to their lives because it isn't a human command to kill Jews, it's the word of Allah."

In an interview with Israel National News' Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel, the activist and author Darwish explains that it is Muslim teaching to kill non-believers in Allah, and that adherents of any other monotheistic religion must become second class citizens.

Daughter of top officer

Darwish is the daughter of a top Egyptian Army officer, Lt. General Mustafa Hafez, who founded the Fedayeen in Gaza - a group that launched murderous raids across Israel's southern border in the 1950's and was the precursor of the PLO. In July 1956, when Nonie was eight years old, her father became the first targeted assassination carried out by the Israeli Defense Forces in response to Fedayeen's attacks.

Darwish is an outspoken critic of the culture she came from. Supported by her husband and children, she dedicates her life to exposing the false accusations against the Jews which the Arab nations are promoting.

'We did 9/11 ourselves'

She explains that after 9/11, she called her friends in the Middle East to understand how something like that could have happened. She was surprised to hear all of them blame a 'Jewish conspiracy' for the deaths of 3,000 people in New York City. "How could my people," she asks, "t

"How could my people, the Arab and Muslim people, accuse the Jewish people of something we know very well that we did ourselves?"

he Arab and Muslim people, accuse the Jewish people of something we know very well that we did ourselves?"

Although Nonie is no longer Muslim, she still refers to them as her people. Although her relatives in Egypt no longer speak to her, she doesn't see the problem in supporting Israel. "Loving the Israeli people does not mean I hate Arabs; they are my family," she states.

Darwish says that she is very fearful of President-elect Barack Obama and thinks he will only add to the anti-Israel feelings in America. Still, she says: "There is nothing called 'no hope'. If there was no hope, I wouldn't be speaking."

Nonie's organization is called Arabs for Israel (

Her new book "Cruel and Usual Punishment" will be available in January 2009.

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